Thursday, August 11, 2011

postheadericon Led furniture "Ice Flower" Led RGB

RGB LED ice flower made ​​from a collection of ping pong balls in the series of bleak cauliflower, then sprinkle with pieces that look like ice crystals. ping pong ball was on the rope with a steel wire then put on a heap of plastic gutter that has been modified such that the pyramid-shaped. the latter by adding the LED 's that give the impression of a beautiful and antique.
Led furniture hight light
Led panel light
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

postheadericon Led furniture "Seaview" Round Wall Lamp RGB

Led furniture hight light
Code : AC 00990.002
Name : " Seaview" Round Wall Lamp RGB
Size   : Dia 50 cm

Round Wall Lamp RGB
Monday, June 13, 2011

postheadericon Led furniture"Happy" Coffee table

Code  : TB 06940.000
Dimention : Dia.60cm H.45cm
led furniture with light
Led furniture"Happy" Coffee table
Thursday, April 7, 2011
Code     : TB 06590.001
Name    : "CrystalBall" Table white light
Size       : dia.60cm height 45cm
Color    : Smoke 5% Oil

led furniture for light

postheadericon "Mandarin" Lighting

Code    : MC 04320.000
Name   : "Mandarin" lighting
Size      : 80x10x50cm
Color   : Black

led funiture illuminate light

"Mandarin" Lighting
Code     : CH 08290.001
Name    : "Spot ON" Stool RGB LED
Size       : Dia.12inch H.45cm
Color    : -

Led furniture light and lighting

postheadericon "Full Spot On" Stool RGB LED

Code   : CH 08290.001
Name  : "Full Spot On" Stool RGB LED
Size     : Dia.12inch H.45cm
Color  : -

Led furniture light and lighting

postheadericon "Crystal" Eroded wood Tin

Code   : AC 01200.810
Name  : "Crystal" Eroded wood
Size     : 80-100cm
Color  : Oil
Led furniture light and lighting

postheadericon Cristal trunk LED RGB

Code  : AC 00746.000
Name : "Cristal trunk" LED RGB
Size    : 25x24x159cm
Color : Smoke 5% Oil

led furniture hight light

"Cristal trunk" LED RGB

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Treecycled Furniture Factory

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With the push all around the world towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, it was only a matter of time before furniture manufacturers took note and started producing eco-friendly products and ensuring they were readily available. This makes it easier than ever to find "green" furniture for your home, and there's a huge variety out there too.
While once it was hard to find eco-friendly pieces, today the furniture companies are taking note of what consumers are asking for and have created entire stores as well as websites that are devoted entirely to ensuring that you have a wide access to all of the eco-friendly furniture you could want. From chairs to beds to dining room furniture and storage pieces, there is a wide selection available that is just waiting to be purchased. With the huge push towards turning entire lifestyles to a more environmentally friendly outlook, you can even purchase furniture for your children's room and outdoor living areas that come in eco-friendly styles as well.
Decorating with eco-friendly furniture doesn't have to involve compromises either. Previously, green furnishings tended to be off-the-wall or "hippyish," not the sort of items you'd find in a mainstream home. Today you can still purchase eco-friendly furniture with earthly flair, but you can also find pieces that look just like regular high end furniture if you desire.
Overall, the furniture companies have done a remarkable job proving that furniture does not have to be plain, boring or ugly to be eco-friendly. The options that are available are all stylish, bold, fun and quite creative, so that those who are environmentally conscious and still care about having a home that looks modern and stylish can get exactly what they want. If you are trying to stick with a specific theme such as modern or contemporary it is now possible to find the furniture you need.
What constitutes eco-friendly furniture? Well, it can be a lot of things, so it's up to you to read the company's website and see what it is about and what it is producing.
Examples of green furniture can be pieces that are made entirely or partially recycled materials. Being eco-friendly often means using stains, paints, or finishes that have entirely natural and non-toxic elements (i.e. no volatile organic compounds or VOCs). Wooden furniture is usually made from reclaimed or forest-certified woods (i.e. trees that are harvested from tree farms grown for the purpose, rather than old growth trees--this usually involves replanting of new trees at the same time as the old are taken down). In fact, some furniture that looks wooden may not be made from wood at all but from a composite of recycled materials or perhaps from bamboo, which is a fast-growing grass that has all the strength and durability of wood but grows to maturity in a few short years.
With all the options out there, you are sure to find eco-friendly furniture that fits your lifestyle and your home. Gone are the days of feeling guilty for having a stylishly decorated home; you can now feel free to decorate your home in great furniture that is friendly to the environment, friendly to the wallet, and very friendly on the eyes.
Take some time and search around the great stores (make sure to check out their websites and read the about us pages to get a feel for their priorities and what sort of eco-friendly materials they employ) and you will find numerous collections that you can use to help inspire your latest decorating venture. Whether you purchase an entire collection or only a few pieces, the entire process has never been simpler to support the environment and have a great home.

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